Meet Countryside's Newest Equine Vet

Caroline Brown, DVM

For over a decade Dr. Brown has immersed herself into the Equine industry. The passion blossomed into a long term dream when she started to ride and show on the Hunter Jumper circuit. That same dream followed her through highschool and college where she made the decision to turn this passion into a career. After graduating from the University of Florida Veterinary Program she made her way up to South Carolina to join up with Southern Equine Services and now we are lucky enough to call her a part of our team.  

Dr. Caroline Brown
"Dr. Brown,

What is your why?

Getting to see the love and compassion that owners have for their horses.

When we asked Dr. Brown what her “Why?” was when it came to vet med, she had a few answers. Getting to see the love and compassion that owners have for their horses, and never knowing what the day has in store to name a couple. But if she had to choose a specialty it would definitely be reproduction. Who doesn't love babies? The whole process is fascinating to her and the satisfaction of bringing new life into this world is truly a gift. 

Outside of Work

Dr. Brown's Interests

Believe it or not doctors have a life outside of vet med! On her days off Dr. Brown enjoys baking, yoga, and exploring new places in the area. Alongside her for the adventures through college and her early years as a Vet is her Florida Black dog, Shadow, following every step of the way. Though she is not a collector of materialistic things Dr. Brown is a collector of memories and experiences (and the ticket stubs that come with them).

Looking forward to it...

Welcome to the Team

Dr. Brown is quickly becoming a huge asset to our team and is excited to get to meet all of our wonderful equine clients.

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