What is Equine Podiatry?

Equine podiatry is the study of the foot and everything that affects it. At Countryside, we combine the art of farriery and blacksmithing with the expertise of veterinary medicine. This combination allows us to specialize in the treatments of hoof injuries, infections, abnormalities, wounds and foot-related lameness. Our veterinary staff use all diagnostic tools available in order to identify foot problems and create unique programs to facilitate recovery.

Injured Horse Hoof

Without the foot, there is no horse

If the horse’s feet are not balanced, trimmed, and properly shod, any other medical, surgical, non-invasive, re-generative or alternative therapy will not be effective.

Here at Countryside, we take pride in educating our clients and involving them in the treatment of their horse. We develop a personalized program for each patient, their owners and farriers, specifically designed to help the patient reach their full performance potential.

Equine Podiatry Tools

Here at Countryside we can help treat and manage:

This is a video documenting the removal of an infected bone fragment in a horse. You will watch a coffin bone curette, the application of a custom hoof plate and then see medical grade maggots inserted into the wound to clean out dead tissue. This procedure was completed at Countryside Veterinary Services in Covington, Ga.