Jennifer Coval, DVM

Small Animal Education Expert

Dr. Jennifer Coval

Ever since she was a little girl, Dr. Katie Childers has always wanted to be a veterinarian. She states, “It's such a blessing to have a career in the veterinary field; I get to do what I love!"

Dr. Childers began her education journey at Berry College where she majored in Animal Science. She then went on to fulfill her lifelong dream by earning her doctorate degree from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine with an emphasis in Mixed Animal Medicine.

Dr. Childers' compassionate drive to work in the veterinary field is fueled by the unique challenges each day brings. She explains, "No two cases are ever the same. Every day is a chance to learn something new and become better as a veterinarian and as a person." She wants her future clients to know that she is here for their pet at every phase of life - from the cute and playful early stages all the way to their dignified senior years. Client education is very important to her and no question is insignificant. She views her patients as family members, and states, “It’s my job to not only do what’s best for the pet, but also for the family as a whole."

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Preventative Medicine

Dr. Coval has brought a wealth of experience to Countryside, as she was previously an associate in two other practices in the greater Atlanta area, one of which she worked with for 16 years.

Two of Dr. Coval’s greatest strengths are preventative medicine and owner education.

“There’s so much we can do to help pets live longer,” she says. “I really enjoy talking to clients about that.”

When discussing owner education, Dr. Coval indicated two major points that are essential to proper pet care: Vaccines and nutrition.

“Nutrition is something that’s super simple,” she says. “Food by itself can sometimes be like a medicine.”

​Another strength of Dr. Coval’s is her ability to walk pet owners through even the most difficult decisions. When presented with diagnoses no one wants to hear, she is there to listen, answer questions, and present her clients with all applicable treatment plans to ensure their pet is receiving the best possible care.

She looks forward to bringing her love of customer care to Countryside, and she already feels a kinship with the other practitioners here who feel the same way she does.

​She describes Countryside as “a family atmosphere – everyone is kind of there working together and helping make the day run smoothly.”

Outside of Work

  • Dr. Coval loves cooking & trying new recipes with her husband and son
  • They also enjoy hiking, and they've visited destinations like Vogel State Park and Tallulah Gorge
  • Dr. Coval loves to read as well. Her favorite genres include sci-fi, mystery, and historical fiction
Dr. Jennifer Coval with a patient