Meet Our Newest Equine Vet

Caitlyn McCaulley, DVM

Ever since she can remember, Dr. Caitlyn McCaulley, who prefers to go by Dr. Cait, has had an unbridled passion for horses and a burning desire to become a veterinarian.As she progressed through school, she found herself drawn to the equine-oriented lectures, eagerly absorbing knowledge like a sponge. It was during her time in the equine ICU and externships at equine-only practices that she knew her destiny was firmly rooted in equine medicine.

Her journey with horses began when she was eight years old, much to her parents' surprise, as she relentlessly begged for riding lessons. From that moment, her love affair with these majestic creatures galloped ahead. She fondly remembers her first horse, Shooter, who arrived in her life when she was 11 and he was 7. Together, they embraced a myriad of English disciplines, creating cherished memories along the way. Today, Shooter may be 23 and mostly retired, but he still enjoys weekly trail rides.  

Venturing through 4-H, showing, healing injuries, and training dilemmas, these experiences with horses shaped Dr. Cait into the spirited and skilled equine veterinarian she is today. Graduating from Auburn University College ofVeterinary Medicine in 2022, she had earlier earned her Bachelors of Science in Agriculture with a major in Animal Science from The Ohio State University in 2018. 

Before landing at Countryside, Dr. Cait spent an exhilarating year as an intern veterinarian at Southern Equine Service in Aiken, SC. There, she encountered a wide array of cases and disciplines, absorbing invaluable hands-on experience and honing her expertise.

As a well-rounded equine vet, Dr. Cait finds joy in various aspects of veterinary medicine, from solving complex internal medicine cases to practicing general equine care. She yearns to enhance her lameness and diagnostic imaging skills, embracing the opportunity to learn something new every day.

In recognition of her dedication and excellence during her clinical year, Dr. Cait was awarded the ACVIM (Internal Medicine) Large Animal Award of Excellence.

Caitlyn McCaulley, DVM
A Personal Message from Dr. Cait:

Dedicated to Your Horses' Health and Happiness.

Caitlyn McCaulley Quote, "My mission: Keep Your Horses healthy and happy, just as they've been for me.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and doing my part to help care for your horses! I love to learn and teach and am always open to questions while working. The relationship Countryside has with their clients is something that really stood out to me about this practice and I look forward to continuing to build them. Horses have been there for me every step of the way, and it is my goal to help keep your horses healthy and happy so they can be there for you, too.

Outside of Work

Dr. Cait's Interests

Beyond the stethoscope, Dr. Cait loves cooking up delicious meals, cheering on sports teams, immersing herself in books, and engaging in outdoor adventures with her canine companions. Yet, her heart always finds solace on horseback.

Impressive and Compassionate Fact:

Orphan Foals Icon

Dr. Cait raised two orphan foals, nurturing them from just 9 and 11 days old. They remain a cherished part of her equine family at the ripe age of 15.

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