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May 9

The New Frontier: How Equine Chiropractors are Enhancing Traditional Veterinary Medicine

Chiropractic care alongside traditional approaches has seen remarkable success. Check out these case studies and see if it’s the right match for your horse!
Apr 2

Breathing Easy: Understanding and Managing Equine Asthma

Delve into the world of equine asthma, from its causes to management strategies, to ensure your horse's respiratory health shines bright.
Mar 30

8 Ways to Ensure Your Pet is Living Their Best Life

Ensuring your beloved pet lives a happy, healthy life is every pet owner's top priority. In this post, we explore eight strategies to help you optimize your pet's well-being.
Mar 4

Equine Poison Prevention Info

March is Poison Prevention Month and we've put together a guide of the most common toxic plants and shrubs in Georgia. This post also includes treats your horse will love (and those best left untouched).
Feb 5

The Art of Equine Acupuncture: Let’s get right to the point.

Explore how ancient wisdom meets modern equine health. Learn about acupuncture’s benefits and how it can aid in your horses performance, and well-being.
Jan 31

Chew on This: The Ultimate How-To for Happy Pet Teeth!

Preventing oral diseases in our furry friends is easier than you might think. Here's our Step-by-Step Guide.
Jan 3

Colic Chronicles: What Every Horse Owner Should Know

Explore the depths of colic management and safeguard your horse's well-being. Learn to recognize crucial signs, understand the risks, and become a colic combatant! 🐎💡
Dec 28

Healthy Pets: Tackling Weight Loss

January: Pet Weight Loss Awareness Month! Is Your Pup Pudgy? Is Your Kitty Chunky? Dr. Childers shares her expertise on combatting this health-threatening condition for both dogs and cats.
Dec 6

We wish you a MARE-y Christmas

From their charming antics to the science behind their estrous cycle, read about managing mare moods, spotting signs of heat, and even balancing hormones with nutrition and supplements. Don't miss this sleigh-full of insights!