Lameness / Sports Medicine

Lameness and Sports Medicine

Human athletes put their bodies through vigorous training, and the constant pounding on joints can cause major issues like ligament and tendon tears, fractures, and inflammation. These issues can even lead to chronic conditions like arthritis. Imagine those issues in a 1200- pound athlete's body. As you prepare your sport horse for competition, you're pushing it to its physical limits. Therefore, injury prevention and care should be a vital part of training.

If you notice a change in your horse’s demeanor and/or work ethic, or believe your horse isn't performing fully in training, consider Countryside as your diagnostic and treatment choice to get your athlete back to its highest performance level.

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Equine athletes are especially susceptible to conditions that affect their hearts, lungs, joints and other organs as a result of high- intensity exercise. For example, degenerative joint disease, heart murmurs, and ligamental tears are conditions that may not reveal themselves clinically while an equine is at rest.

At Countryside Equine, we offer diagnostic testing to uncover these performance-altering ailments. With the newest technology in ultrasonography, radiography, endoscopy and in-depth lameness examinations, Countryside is able to diagnose and treat sport horses in an outpatient setting. Hospitalization is offered for more involved cases featuring round-the-clock care with follow up exams, treatments and rehabilitation programs.

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