December 28, 2023

Best Local Trails to Walk Your Dog

Dog walk through Arabia Mountain

Updated Dec 28, 2023

January is National Walk Your Dog Month, a perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors with your favorite canine. Walking your dog regularly offers so much more than just mental and physical exercise--it’s one of the best choices to reduce stress and your risk of heart disease--and it gives your pup the chance to socialize, practice training skills, build confidence and work off destructive behaviors.  

Just like we need physical outlets to stay healthy, dogs need to stay active to prevent them from becoming overweight, which leads to all kinds of health problems. Dogs love to explore the world. If they are kept inside too much, boredom sets in and they can become destructive. Your dog relies on you to take them to places where they have new sights, sounds and of course smells. Variety is the spice of dog life, so mix up where you walk. When dogs are out walking, their brains are stimulated and more responsive. Add in some training opportunities.

Make walking a regular part of your routine by setting up a schedule and a safe route. Perhaps ask a friend to join or get your kids to walk along. The more you enjoy, the more likely you’ll keep it up.

Need more inspiration? Check out these local hikes, all of them located in the Covington area.

Map & Link to Cricket Frog Trail
Cricket Frog Trail

This trail is 6.5 miles of flat, wide, and mostly shaded rail bed of the former Central of Georgia Railway. When completed, this hike will be just under 15 miles and stretch from Covington to Mansfield. Currently, just6.5 miles are walkable. Most of the trail is gravel.

Parking and Access: There are several places to park and access the trail, we recommend accessing the trail at Elm Street in Covington. Park at the Elm Street Parking Deck across from the Newton County Tag Office 


Map and Link to Eastside Trail
Eastside Trail to Chimney Park

This trail is 2.4 miles and cuts through the Eastside High School campus, the Newton Country Public Library grounds and ChimneyPark. Much of the trail is wooded with a few boardwalks set over wetland areas.

Parking and Access: Access through Chimney Park. Parking is located behind Newton Country Health Center (8203 Hazel brand Rd. NE)

Map & Link to Oxford Trail
Oxford Trail

This trail is 1.2 miles long and winds along Turkey Creek behind the Oxford College campus. A trail spur takes you to a scenic picnic spot under a tree canopy at Old Church. Side note: The church dates back to1841 and has two front doors, because at that time, men and women had to enter the building separately.

Parking and Access: Access the trail behind the Church, but parking is not available there. Instead, park at the Clark Street Crossing or Oxford City Hall (110 W Clark St)


Map & Link to Arabia Mountain
Arabia Mountain Trail

With a whopping 30+ miles of trails, you can spend an entire day exploring this gorgeous area. Arabia Mountain is in Lithonia and boasts some of Georgia’s most popular trails. But don’t let that you deter you. It’s so expansive, it never seems crowded. In addition to the incredible slabs of exposed granite, there are lakes, wetlands, meadows, farmland and forests.

Parking and Access: There are many access points and plenty of parking areas. We recommend accessing the trail and parking at Vaughters Farm Trailhead, 3366 Klondike Rd.