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Jun 1

From Racing to Re-homing: Client Stories of Triumph

Derby week has come and gone, but these inspiring stories of success and triumph from some of our Off-the-track Thoroughbreds are timeless.
Feb 27

The "Non-Steriod" Future of Arthritis Treatment

From training to competition, repetitive movements and trauma can lead to inflammation of the joint. There is a new, non-steroid, biotechnology treatment available.
Feb 1

Signs your horse may be dealing with a muscle disorder

Has your horse’s performance declined? Has he or she lost muscle across its top-line? Are you exerting a lot of effort to get and keep your horse going? This Post delves into muscle disorders.
Jan 6

All About Hoof Health

The foundation of a horse’s health is a strong, healthy hoof. Read on for insightful tips and proactive planning to ensure your horse has happy feet all year round.
Jun 8

Common Health Problems in Horses

Arthritis afflicts horses as they age similarly to humans. Colic is a severe horse condition that can strike at any time. Laminitis is a condition that strikes a horse's...
Jun 6

Arthroscopy: Revolutionizing Equine Joint Conditions

This advanced non-invasive technique allows the surgeon to navigate and evaluate a horse's joint and its cartilage to find any irritation, bone chips or areas needing to be cleaned.
May 1

Caring For Your Horse As The Weather Warms

As the weather changes, temperatures and humidity rise, and insects become more active, you’ll want to take extra precautions...
Feb 2

Countryside Dental Month Recap

February is National Dental Month, and we as a clinic have strived to use this time for education. Along with performing dental exams, we have also released...
Jan 24

Joint Management in Horses

Horses are high performance athletes. Their movement provides the ultimate combination of strength and coordination. But, what really helps a horse achieve...
Jun 10

4 Specialty Equine Vet Services You Didn't Know We Offered

Come On In To Learn & Understand. Today, let’s explore some of the equine services we offer to help your gentle giant live their best life possible.
Apr 19

Chasing the Ulcer Diagnosis - Why It's Worth It

Some horses with ulcers are easy to spot - they lose their appetites or experience chronic colic. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize a horse suffering from...
Dec 18

West Nile Virus

The West Nile Virus (WNV) is a viral disease that can result in fever and neurologic disease. WNV circulates in nature between birds and mosquitoes.
Sep 12

Neuromuscular Condition: Kentucky Trust

If you’ve ever had a love for horses, you know it’s something you never outgrow. No matter how busy life may get, the love of riding never completely fades away.
Feb 9

Scoping From The Comfort Of Home

Scoping can be a wonderful diagnostic tool, and it can aid in the treatment of a number of ailments. From airway pathology to gastric ulcers...
Jan 21

It All Flies The Same

Horses often join fruit and TVs to travel internationally. Most horse people will never have cause to board a treasured equine on a plane, but for a certain group of professionals...
Nov 27

Molly The Miracle Mule

Speaking of veterinary medicine and how unpredictable the job is - wait until you hear about this phone call! It was an uneventful afternoon at the clinic...
May 31

Countryside Comeback: Travis

Saying a horse will return to full athletic soundness after a navicular bursa infection is an extremely guarded prognosis. Dr. Carter was quick to let the owners know...
Feb 28

Brambles Journey

Meet Brambles, a model of unconditional love and our oldest patient at roughly 46 years old! What is even more heartwarming is the story of how he came to be a patient at Countryside. A true miracle.