June 13, 2023

Summer Care Checklist For Your Pet

Summer is here! That being said, as the weather continues to warms, now is the time to start thinking about all the things your canine and feline family members will need to enjoy a healthy, happy summer.

Today, your friends at Countryside Veterinary Services will share a handy checklist you can use to ensure your furry best friend’s seasonal health and wellness needs are met. Keep reading to learn more, and contact us today to schedule your pet’s appointment at our vet clinic in Covington, GA.

Make Sure Your Vaccines are up to date
Keeping up with your pet’s annual vaccines is essential to their overall health and wellness. Along with our puppy and kitten vaccination packages, we also provide all of the vaccines for pets of all ages to protect them against common canine and feline illnesses and diseases.

If your pet is due for their vaccines, summertime is a great time to bring them in for a wellness exam before the weather starts to warm up.

Protect Your Pets from Fleas & Ticks
While flea and tick season is year-round here in Georgia, these pests are extremely active during the hot, humid summer months, which poses a threat to our furry best friends. Not only that, we typically spend more time outdoors with our pets in the summer, which increases their risk of encountering flea- and tick-borne symptoms and illnesses.

Fleas and ticks are parasites that cause a range of symptoms in both dogs and cats when they attach themselves to their skin to feed. That’s why flea and tick prevention is absolutely essential for protecting our canine and feline friends from these pesky pests. Talk to your vet about their recommendations for flea and tick prevention to safeguard your furry best friends this summer.

Annual Wellness Exam
That said, spring and summer are an excellent time to bring your pet in for their annual wellness exam so our vets can examine them from nose to tail, perform yearly bloodwork, test for heartworms, test fecal samples for parasites, deliver annual vaccines, and provide prescriptions for flea and tick prevention - which are sold directly to our clients from the clinic.

About Countryside Veterinary Services
Here at Countryside, our team of veterinarians and healthcare specialists are invested in your pet’s health and wellness. That’s why we provide top-quality wellness care delivered with kindness and compassion, which we tailor to the unique needs of each and every pet.

Along with our wellness services, our Covington vet clinic is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical technology. If your pet requires diagnostic testing such as X-rays, ultrasound, or lab tests, we are able to provide these services in-house for your convenience and peace of mind. Not only that, we specialize in a range of pet surgeries such as spay and neuter procedures, which we can perform in the comfort of our animal hospital.