July 10, 2023

My Battle with Hot Spots: A Dog's Tale of Itching, Healing, and Happiness

Dog wearing sign that says, "Hot Spots? More like not-so-hot spots."


Woof! I'm here to share my personal journey of dealing with those pesky hot spots. As a dog, I've experienced the discomfort, itching, and frustration that comes with these irritating skin conditions. In this blog post, let me take you on a paw-some adventure through the world of hot spots from a dog's perspective. Join me as I share my story, including how I got those bothersome spots, what they felt like, the treatment options I went through, and the relief I found. Let's dive in!

The Itchy Beginnings:

One sunny day, I started feeling this unbearable itch on my skin. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't resist the urge to scratch, lick, and bite at those itchy spots. Little did I know that my excessive self-grooming was only making things worse. Before I knew it, those innocent-looking itchy spots turned into fiery red patches, oozing with discomfort.

Listen up, folks! I learned those fiery red patches were hot spots. Hot spots? More like not-so-hot spots! They're like these sneaky troublemakers that appear on our skin and cause a lot of itchiness and discomfort. I was told they can pop up when allergies, moisture, or our own scratching habits get out of control. Sometimes, those pesky spots can even get infected. Gross!

The Vet Visit:

My loving human quickly noticed my distress and whisked me off to Dr. Coval at Countryside. After a thorough examination, she explained that these were hot spots and shared insights about their causes and triggers. I learned that allergies, moisture, and even my own scratching habits could lead to these uncomfortable spots. It was a relief to know that my human was taking my discomfort seriously and seeking the right help.

The Treatment Journey:

Dr. Coval recommended a treatment plan tailored just for me. She trimmed the hair around the hot spots and gently cleaned the affected areas. I must admit, I wasn't thrilled about being poked and prodded, but I knew it was for my own good. She prescribed Betagen Spray! It's like a superhero in a bottle. With its powerful combination of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, it helped calm the itch, reduced my inflammation, and fought off the nasty bacteria that snuck into my hot spots. My human was diligent about applying the prescribed Betagen and making sure I didn't scratch at those spots. They even got me an Elizabethan collar to keep me from making things worse. Although it took some time and patience, I gradually started feeling better.

The Road to Recovery:

Day by day, my hot spots began to heal. The pain subsided, and the itchiness became less intense. My human played a vital role in my recovery by providing a clean, comfortable environment and giving me extra love and attention. They also took steps to prevent any future hot spots by regularly grooming my coat, keeping me flea-free, and ensuring I had a stress-free and engaging environment.


If you suspect your furry friend is dealing with hot spots, remember that they depend on you to seek veterinary care and provide them with the support they need. Together, we can help our fellow canines overcome these irritating skin conditions and embrace a life filled with comfort, joy, and endless belly rubs! Woof!