June 13, 2023

Hometown Hero: Eika

At Countryside, we have the opportunity to work with amazing animals everyday. However, if you walk into the office while one of our working or service dogs are present, you can feel the additional pride and excitement amongst our staff. As Dr. Stancil states, "We get to give back to these amazing animals and help ensure that they get to work longer, healthier lives - that is something our staff is extremely proud of."

One hometown hero that definitely deserves recognition is Eika. Eika (pronounced IKE-A), is the newest member of the Walton County K-9 Unit. She was hand selected to serve our county and she performs a range of duties that no human can.

Eika and her handler, Deputy Frazier are trained to specialize in narcotic detection and tracking. The pair just recently returned from their training program at the Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Center. This is the same training that Sergeant Falco (Walton County's four-legged ranked officer) received. Deputy Frazier wants the community to know, “Eika may be young, but she is unbelievably smart." The two have big shoes to fill, but Eika is already making a name for herself. Since launching her career in Walton County, Eika has already tracked down and located narcotics on a suspect. As Deputy Frazier explains, “Narcotics and tracking are a long process and we will continue to mature and develop our skills". Their goal is to become the best canine in the state and we believe that they will accomplish this!

The two continue to train everyday, in fact, they are together 24/7. Deputy Frazier explained, “there is no other county in the state of Georgia that puts in as much training as we do, everyday our team is progressing.” While Eika is always ready and eager at a moment’s notice, it’s also important to Frazier that she leads a regular life. When off duty, Frazier makes sure to include weekly play time in their schedule. Eika also gets to interact and play with Frazier’s 2 other dogs (an American Bulldog/ pit bull mix and chocolate lab).

Life on the K9 unit is no walk in the dog park - it’s a journey that requires constant training, commitment and team bonding. Few dogs give as much back during their lifetime as patrol dogs do. Think about it - they never call in sick or complain about a rough day and they are loyal and as dedicated as can be. These dogs have all of the qualities you want in a co-worker and companion.

It's an honor to be Eika's healthcare provider. While she protects and serves our community, it's our responsibility to keep her healthy and able to serve. We couldn't be more proud of the Walton County K-9 Unit - that includes you too Falco! Thank you for everything that you do and your commitment to our community! We wish Eika and her human partner, Deputy Frazier all the best!