June 13, 2023

Arthroscopy: Revolutionizing Equine Joint Conditions

Arthroscopic surgery is a technique that combines specialized equipment and advanced veterinary training to give the surgeon the ability to look directly into your horse’s joints and cartilage. This surgery is far less invasive than your typical joint surgery. Very small incisions are made – one for the endoscope and one for the instrument needed to treat the area. The endoscope contains a camera, which is displayed on a large high definition monitor. This technique allows the surgeon to navigate and evaluate the joint and its cartilage to find any irritation, bone chips or areas that need to be cleaned up.

What Are The Advantages Of Arthroscopy? The incision for this surgery is minimal which leads to:

•   Less tissue trauma.
•   Decreased risk of infection.
•   Shortened hospital stay.
•   Quicker recovery time.

Arthroscopy: Bone Chip Removal

The photo below on the left shows a bone chip inside an equine knee, and the photo below right shows the bone chip being removed through Arthroscopic surgery.

Horses are high performance athletes. Just think about it - their movement provides the ultimate combination of strength and coordination. But, what really helps a horse achieve smooth, frictionless movement? Healthy Joints.