Digital Deep Flexor Tenotomy

Deep digital flexor tenotomy is considered to be a salvage procedure for unresponsive cases with massive laminar damage or chronic laminitis. The deep digital flexor tendon runs down the back of the horse’s leg and attaches to the bottom of the coffin bone. By transecting the deep digital flexor tendon near the mid-cannon bone region, pressure from the pull of the tendon on the coffin bone is relieved. This transection also removes one of the main forces responsible for rotation of the coffin bone in laminitis.

Unresponsive Laminitis:

Immediate Improvement Needed

The purpose of this procedure is to improve blood flow to the foot, alleviate pain, halt disease progressions and re-establish the proper function/position of the coffin bone. The deep digital flexor tenotomy procedure along with re-alignment shoeing has proven to be a valuable treatment option for rehabilitating severe laminitic cases. Many horses that are facing euthanasia when they come in return home to live a life comfortably as a pleasure horse.

Tenotomy: Case Study 2

X-Ray of Horse's Hoof Before Tenotomy Procedure

Before Procedure

X-Ray of Horse's Hoof Immediately After Tenotomy Procedure

Immediately After Procedure

X-Ray of Horse's Hoof 6 Months After Tenotomy Procedure

6 Months After Procedure