Autologous Protein Solution including IL-1ra

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Countryside Veterinary Services is excited to offer the most advanced treatment available in Regenerative Medicine - Pro-stride.

Pro-stride is the newest anti-inflammatory medicine that is used to treat joint inflammation and arthritis.

How is Pro-stride different from PRP and IRAP?

Unlike PRP and IRAP which require 3-5 treatments at 1 week intervals, Pro-stride’s advanced treatment is administered in 1 concentrated joint injection.

1 treatment + 1 visit = relief for up to 1 year

Pro-stride is a natural, steroid free treatment that is centrifuged from your horse's own blood. This means there is no need to worry about drug testing for your competition horse - this includes FEI and USEF sanctions. It also eliminates risks associated with steroid therapies.

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Is Pro-stride safe for my horse?

Pro-stride is ideal for treating:

  • Young Horses
  • Laminitis / Founder Cases
  • Insulin Resistant (IR) Horses
  • Horses unresponsive to steroid therapy.
Image of Pro-Stride being Used on  a Horse

What makes Pro-Stride a superior treatment?

Pro-stride is a natural, drug-free, anti-inflammatory joint treatment. It contains a supercharged solution of cells, platelets, growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins; including IL1-ra (commonly referred to as the IRAP protein).