Cystotomy: Bladder Surgery

A cystotomy is a common surgical procedure performed for a dog or cat having bladder problems.

The incision to the urinary bladder is made to remove bladder stones, repair a ruptured urinary bladder or remove bladder tumors or blood clots. At Countryside, a cystotomy is primarily used to remove painful bladder and urethral stones.

Has your dog started having accidents in your house or do they seem to be going out more to try to use the bathroom?

Let us give you the breakdown on bladder stones:

x-ray of bladder stones

Typically, dogs or cats make a visit to the clinic because they are staining to urinate, urinating more frequently or they have blood in their urine. Symptoms of bladder stones can appear as a UTI (urinary tract infection).

It’s then discovered through several tests, x-rays or ultrasound that the pet's discomfort has been caused by bladder stones. Bladder stones are rock like formations of minerals that vary in size and collections. Generally, bladder stones must be surgically removed. In some cases, bladder stones can be dissolved by feeding a special diet.

x-ray of bladder stones before and after

Urinary tract obstruction is a serious condition, and veterinary care should not be delayed. If you feel your pet is not urinating normally, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

Did You Know?

  • Bladder stones range in size and collections. They may be a large, single stone or multiple stones of different sizes.
image of bladder stones
image of bladder stones
  • Stones can be infection-induced or dietary in origin; urine pH plays a role too.
  • The most common stones are Struvite Stones, which are composed of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate.​​
  • If your pet is not able to urinate, a stone may be lodged in the uretha. If the obstruction is not removed, the bladder can rupture.​ Urethal blockage is a medical emergency, don't hesitate to contact your veterinarian. ​​
  • Some breeds, like Dalmatians, are at a higher risk for developing bladder stones.

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