The Difference in Vaccinations For Different Breeds

The Difference in Vaccinations For Different Breeds

Just like there are many different vaccinations for humans, the same goes for animals! At Countryside Veterinary Services, our team of animal experts can help you with all of your pet’s vaccination needs in Georgia. Whether you have a new pet or one that's been a part of your family for years, it is important to stay up to date on their vaccination care! Keep reading to learn more about the difference in vaccinations for different breeds of animals and contact our team today to schedule an appointment.


Varies in Types & Breeds

Vaccinations vary depending on the type of animal and the breed they are! Depending on their breed, they may be susceptible to different types of illnesses. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your specific breed of animal gets the right vaccinations when they need them!


Varies in Age

When it comes to vaccinations, there are core vaccinations that pets need when they are babies. Then, as they get older, there are annual vaccinations that they need! The type of vaccinations they need varies depending on their age. Our team will help to ensure that your animal is getting the vaccinations they need by setting up appointments with reminders for the future!


Varies for Potential Contact

The type of vaccinations that your pet needs can also depend on where you live and what your pet may come in contact with. Many places have required vaccinations for pets to ensure the safety of your pet and others. With years of experience in Georgia, our team is up to date with knowing what vaccinations animals need in our area.


Why Choose Countryside Veterinary Services

At Countryside Veterinary Services, we care for pets as if they were our own. With years of experience, you can find a team of knowledgeable animal professionals who can provide your pet with a wide variety of different services. Whether you have a brand new pet or one that is older, we can help them with the preventative care they need to stay happy and healthy.

It can be overwhelming to determine what vaccinations your pet needs; however, with Countryside Veterinary Services, we can make it easier for you! Stay up to date on all of your pet’s vaccinations and contact our team today to schedule an appointment!